Goldman Sachs and Aidha Partner Again for 1st ADP Business Plan Workshop

By: Ting Claravall, with contributions from Laura Dobberstein

The first-ever Aidha Alumni Development Programme (ADP) workshop took place on 25th January 2015 at the UWC campus in Dover.

Twenty-three excited Aidha alumni together with 13 volunteers from Goldman Sachs and Aidha Module 2 mentors were welcomed by Aidha CEO, Karen Fernandez.

Aidha alumni with Goldman Sachs Volunteers and Aidha Mentors

Excited Aidha alumni at the end of the Business Plan Clinic with Goldman Sachs and Aidha volunteer mentors

Karen explained how the six-month programme will provide on-going support to graduates through business workshops and leadership programmes. These will then culminate with an opportunity for participants to pitch business ideas to potential investors and business mentors. By connecting alumni to such resources, Aidha hopes to accelerate and ensure their success in building thriving businesses.

“This review session will help prepare (the alumni) for business conversations.” – Dinusha Koggalahewa

Goldman-Sachs volunteers spent three hours reviewing finalised business plans and discussing and advising the eager alumni. Aside from the fresh perspective and professional business opinions given by the volunteers, the ladies were also exposed to potential business opportunities.

Fruitful discussion between Aidha Alumni and Goldman Sachs Volunteers and Aidha Module 2 mentors

A fruitful discussion between Aidha Alumni and Goldman Sachs and Aidha volunteer mentors

“This review session is good to prepare (the alumni) for business conversations,” said volunteer, Dinusha Koggalahewa. Another volunteer, Sophie Pilas, highlighted, “It’s good to have someone with an outsider’s view to ask more questions so that new doors and opportunities may open for their business.”

Participants expressed that they’re already looking forward to the next session as they found the event motivational and educational for both volunteers and alumni.

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