BMOC – “Brand (new) Manager On Campus”

Our new campus manager, Patricia Cummings.

Our new campus manager, Patricia Cummings.

This month, Aidha welcomes on board a new member of staff. Patricia Cummings joins the Aidha team as one of our part-time Campus Managers, a role she shares with Marie Kretz di Meglio. Read on for more on Patricia:

Patricia Carmen Cummings. Patricia moved to Singapore in 2013 from New York. She graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Sociology focusing in Women’s Studies and Criminology. Patricia’s primary experience has been in HR and personnel management. In New York she volunteered for 3 years at The Hopeline, providing assistance in civics and citizenship programs designed to prepare students with the necessary skills to become US citizens.  Patricia is a firm believer that education is a key ingredient to changing the cycle of poverty.

So the next time you’re at Aidha, keep an eye out for Patricia and don’t be shy about saying hello! 😉

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