CEO Message: Because of YOU, 143 domestic helpers can now get an education…

KF1 29April 2015What makes someone commit to a 100km cycle ride, at an ungodly pre-dawn hour, on a precious Sunday?  What makes someone want to organise an after-work event that involves sending rounds of emails, when they already have to do that in the normal course of their everyday jobs? And why, if you already work 17 hours a day, would you spend another three hours of it baking more cookies for an event?  Why drives anyone to part with their hard-won free time, cash, and energy to help people they don’t even know? 

To the 140 bikers and the small army of volunteers, students and Alumni, and staff, who participated in the Aidha Tour de Singapore 2015, whatever your reasons and motivation, it was because of YOU that our signature event was a resounding success. This year’s event has already raised over $93,000 (with a little bit more bank matching to follow) which will provide over 143 scholarships for our foreign domestic workers.  That is, 143 mothers, sisters, daughters who came to Singapore and took on jobs as our domestic workers in hope of a better life for themselves and children, will now have the chance to learn financial literacy and self-development skills that will provide better economic options when they eventually return home. Read the story of our featured student this month, Tri Utami, and you will see a real example of how a little learning and opportunity can make a huge difference…

It is with the most enormous heart-felt gratitude and wonder that I thank every one of you who contributed in one OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAway or another to the overwhelming success of the Aidha Tour de Singapore 2015. Our best so far! To our bikers, who were probably sore and sunburnt after the ride; to our volunteers, who blew balloons and hung decorations in the dark and pour endless cups of 100+ that day; to the tireless volunteer project team, who scoured the island looking for safe drink stops, bananas, and water bottle cages; to the students and Alumni, who generously slaved on the hot afternoon before to bake cookies for participants; to the very pro and body-beautiful Specialized Mavericks, who led the bikers on a fun and safe ride; and to our ever loyal and committed donors and supporters, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your generosity of spirit, big-heartedness and continued support inspires us and keeps us going. We count ourselves truly fortunate to have friends like you.

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