How to get involved? Let us count the ways…

Our pool of Sunday mentors are invaluable. But there are also many other ways to share your skills and passion…

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From L-R (seated): Ida Supahat (Aidha Comms Manager), Karen Fernandez (Aidha CEO), Angelo Roxas (Barclays), Ida Chen (Citi) 2nd row Standing L-R: Hemant Aneja, Paul Davies (Aidha Board Director), Selina McCole (Goldman Sachs), Aurelie Dhellemmes (Deutsche Bank), Alison Baird (Alexander Mann Solutions), T.V Seshadri (MasterCard)

Aidha Corporate Task Force

The Task Force, comprising senior professionals from Alexander Mann Solutions, Barclays, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Google, Goldman Sachs and MasterCard was formed in late 2013 to provide consultancy and support to Aidha’s management. From strategic counsel on new programmes and current challenges, to sponsoring grants, organising fundraisers for Aidha, supporting key events. such as our graduation and the Aidha Tour de Singapore Bike Ride, to providing office equipment like chairs and cabinets and mouse devices for our computer classes, these are our loyal, super-supportive, ‘go-to’ friends.  Members graciously host the quarterly meetings at their premises. On this occasion, Hemant Aneja, of Google, hosted the meeting the Google office in Asia Square. Membership to the Task Force is by invitaiton.

Here’s what members of the Task Force say about their involvement with Aidha:

“The more you give, the more you receive. I haven’t missed a single meeting since we created it!  It is such a unique and fulfilling opportunity to be working with very smart, highly resourceful and generous counterparts for such a meaningful cause. I have been very passionate about Aidha over the past few years and will continue to do so!” – Aurelie Dhellemmes

“Having seen the agenda before the Task Force meeting, I knew there was a lot happening and going well at Aidha, yet the diversity, scale and scope of activities shared by Karen was impressive indeed.  There was a great deal of brainstorming to see how to significantly enhance the rate of student recruitment and I anticipate we will see some of the ideas implemented in the months to come.” Seshadri T.V.

“Alexander Mann Solutions had researched multiple charities before selecting Aidha as our Charity Choice. We felt our values and our missions were very aligned. We are in the business of partnering clients to support building and mobilizing talent. Aidha provides talented women with the skills and confidence and the ability to grow and determine their future. We are genuinely committed to supporting Aidha. I believe we have the diversity of people, skills and company resources engaged in the Task Force and this brings different perspective and support to the Aidha team.” – Alison Baird

BASF spearheads brainstorming for Aidha Curriculum Review

How else are professionals getting involved?

Recently, members of the team from the BASF Regional APAC Learning Campus very generously volunteered their time and professional training and development expertise in a two-hour brainstorm for us at their beautiful Learning Campus in Rochester Park. The Campus comprises a series of three converted and sensitively restored old black-and-white houses.  The session focused on Aidha’s forthcoming Curriculum Review.

Chutchapol Youngwiriyakul, Elisabeth Bourdin and Natalie Garrick

Chutchapol Youngwiriyakul, Elisabeth Bourdin and Natalie Garrick

With the BASF team’s skills and experience, a lot of thoughtful and practical suggestions were generated. Food for thought was literally provided by Elisabeth Bourdin who was not only the driving force in organising the brainstorm session, but who also effortlessly whipped up a storm of homemade quiches and French scrummies! We thank the BASF team  for all their ideas and support. The Curriculum Review is a key project for Aidha and their feedback and advice will stand us in good stead.


As you can see, there are many different ways volunteers can contribute to Aidha. If you or your organisation would like to get involved in empowering low-income women, please let us know at or call 6341 5287.

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