Meet the Poet in our Midst…

“And the third prize at the second annual Migrant Worker Poetry Competition goes to…Sharasyamsi!”

Congratulations to Aidha student Sharasyamsi for doing us proud! This is the first time that the poetry competition allowed women to participate, and a whopping 65% of the entries came from women. Four Aidha students made the shortlist, with Sharasyamsi winning third prize with her poem “Engkau”, or “You”.

Sharasyamsi is from East Java, Indonesia, and came to Singapore in 2007. Although she completed her high-school education, her parents were unable to support her higher education. She had trouble finding a job and subsequently decided to come to Singapore. She loves singing, shopping and going to the theatre. She is also very interested in learning English and takes full advantage of every chance she gets to interact with people and practice her language skills.

(Sharasyamsi is second from right)

Love and admiration for someone was Sharasyamsi’s biggest inspiration to begin writing, and she decided to “devote her heart through poetry”. She happened to come across this competition on the Internet and was extremely excited to participate. She composed her entry over the course of three weeks and submitted it. She plans to continue writing poetry in her spare time and is now on the lookout for more writing competitions.

She said that she gained confidence and discovered her talents at Aidha, and especially credits Module 1 for her leadership skills, determination and self-belief. Sharasyamsi enjoys staying in Singapore because it is a “very clean country” and the government is very “kind and thoughtful,” and she appreciates her job here. However, in the future, she wants to go back to Indonesia and work in a government agency or in the hospitality industry. If that doesn’t work out, she will start her own grocery business.

Sharasyamsi’s achievement, as well as that of the other women from Aidha who participated in this contest, is a source of inspiration to the entire FDW community in Singapore!



Jadilah angin bagi awan-awanku

hingga aku tak lagi ragu berarak

Ke tempat niat tujuan kita


Jadilah angin bagi layang-layangku

hingga aku tak lagi takut mengarungi

angkasa harapan kita


Jadilah angin bagi semua kehidupan

Yang bisa menuntun jalan mereka

dan jalanku untuk kembali

meniti inspirasi dua hati


Jadilah angin yang menghidupkan angan-anganku

cita dan cintaku

hanya engkau mimpiku

berharap kita bersatu

satu dalam restu

yang tak lagi tabu



Be the wind to my clouds

so that I may go forth confidently

to our destination


Be the wind to my kite

so that I no longer fear crossing

the skies of our hopes


Be the wind to all life

Show them the way

and my way back

treading the inspiration of two hearts


Be the wind that gives life to my dreams

my hope and my love

you alone are my dream

may we be joined

in a blessed union

that is no longer taboo

Translated From Bahasa Indonesia by Looi Siew Teip

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