Aidha Alumni Development Programme (ADP)

The Alumni Development Programme goes from strength to strength. This year’s programme aims to provide even more business support to alumni.

by: Aneesha Daswani

After completing Modules 1 and 2, our alumni are bursting with ideas and eager to embark on their new business ventures. They have learnt business basics but now the time has come to put all their new knowledge to the test! To ensure they can translate their business plans into reality,  Aidha’s Alumni Development Programme (ADP) was introduced last year to provide on-going support  and help them overcome the common challenges faced by all new and first-time entrepreneurs.

The Aidha ADP, which runs from February through September 2016, comprises three components:

Based on feedback received from participants on the last two ADPs, we have added more practical sessions and exposure to entrepreneurs . Here are the additions:   

  • 2 NEW workshops with Entrepreneurs:
    1. A Panel Discussion with Entrepreneurs: Our alumni can participate in a Q&A session with a panel of successful entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences and as well as get tips to some of their pressing questions.
    2. A MasterClass with an Entrepreneur.  Students will have the opportunity to talk to and learn from an entrepreneur and draw inspiration from him/her.
  • Additional Communication Skills Coaching

Alumni will benefit from the opportunity to be coached in their presentation skills by the Barclays Toastmasters Club.

  • New Structure & A Special Promotion:
    1. Given the expanded programme with additional sessions, there will be only one ADP this year.  The Big Pitch will take place on 25 September 2016.
    2. The revised fee is $60, only $10 more than last year despite the expanded programme.
    3. As a special offer to students who registered in or after July 2015, they will be invited to join the ADP programme in 2016, and attend all the ADP workshop sessions (including the Big Pitch) if they haven’t already attended it at last year’s fee of $50.

The ADP programme provides a valuable learning opportunity and  launch-pad to support our budding entrepreneurs. It is designed to give them a  platform to learn and simultaneously apply their knowledge in a safe, risk-free learning environment. Students also have a rare chance to obtain sponsorship from potential donors as well as mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and use all these to turn their dreams into reality!




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