Aidha Welcomes Three New Team Members

Say hello to our new Student Affairs, Programmes and Campus Managers…

by: Kate Shepherd

Welcome Marjanne van der Helm

Taking on the role of Student Affairs Manager, Marjanne van der Helm is responsible for all student activities, whether it be spreading the word about the great work that Aidha does, introducing new students to our programmes, ensuring students have the best possible experience or organizing Graduation.   

Originally from the Netherlands, where she worked as a consultant and trainer in both the private and public sectors, Marjanne arrived in Singapore in 2012. Once here, she not only set up her own business providing career and life coaching but has found time to have two children!  

In 2014 she became a Leadership club mentor and was so impressed by Aidha’s great work and professionalism that she wanted to be part of the team. In her own words: “As a mentor, I was inspired by the ladies in my class. Their strength, their knowledge and the progress they made, were simply amazing. If I can make sure even more students can benefit from Aidha’s programs, enjoy Aidha to the fullest and they – and their families – have a brighter future ahead of them, I will be very happy.”

Welcome Karuna Malhotra

Having worked in both non-profit and public sectors in the UK, India and, most recently, in Singapore, Karuna brings a wealth of experience in community development, networking, advocacy and community empowerment to her role as Campus Manager.  She is Founder and Chairperson of Dreams Infinite Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering rural Indian women through vocational education. A herbivore who loves her plant-based lifestyle, Karuna cherishes her daily meditation practice and walks with her pet dog.

In her role, Karuna will work with the Campus Management team to ensure Aidha’s Sunday Campus operations run smoothly and that our students and mentors optimize their time with us.  She says, “I am most looking forward to seeing our students learn and grow and apply the knowledge to make a better life for themselves and their families. This job provides an opportunity to do something meaningful to create a better world.”

If you see Siew Joo, Karuna, or Marjanne around, please do stop and say hello!


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