My own hostel! Radliyah turns her dream into a reality…

Next month, a brand-new hostel will open in the city of Semarang, Central Java. With well-lit and modern rooms, this centre is for students, industry workers and commuters from nearby areas, offering them a place to relax and feel at home. The mind and heart behind this promising business is Radliyah, a brave and determined woman who dreamed about opening a hostel and turned that dream into reality after she enrolled in Aidha.

by: Vittoria O

With no knowledge of English and many questions in mind, Radliyah set off for Singapore in 2007. Her main goal was to earn enough money to give her three children a good education. For years, she worked very hard to support her family back in Indonesia. But her life took an invaluable turn in 2011, when her employer’s daughter introduced her to Aidha.

Radliyah presenting her business plan at ‘The Big Pitch’ in Aidha’s Alumni Development Programme

Initially, no one could have convinced Radliyah that she would be a good candidate to study, let alone graduate, but luckily her motivation was strong enough to see her through the Aidha curriculum. At Aidha and during the Alumni Development Programme (ADP) in particular, she learned everything about saving money, managing her cash flow and setting up her business plan. Most importantly, she learned to trust herself and her own judgement. Winning the first ever ‘Big Pitch’ gave her a lot of additional confidence, and she soon moved on to the next level, passing on her knowledge to several other members of her family.  This culminated in her building the hostel, and generating her own cash flow, from the rental income she will receive.

IMG_20160215_094301 (1) IMG_20160214_155030 (1)

Radliyah’s hostel in Semarang is ready to receive its first guests! 

When Radliyah first came to Singapore, she was uncertain about her future. Today, her oldest daughter is about to graduate from high school and her other children are regularly attending school. Her business idea is now a reality and she is thinking of ways to sustain and grow the venture. Soon, she will be able to go back home and enjoy the fruits of all her sacrifices. Congratulations Radliyah, you inspire us all!










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