CEO Message. Gearing up for our big Bike Ride: we need YOU!

March saw us all in full Bike Ride prep mode: plotting out the 50k and 100k routes, applying for police permits for the agreed cycle routes, arranging insurance and buying first aid kits, exploring unknown parts of Pasir Panjang for T-shirt making warehouses, getting the flag-making ‘factory’ in full swing for the cheer teams lining the routes, deciding on the number of bananas at the drink stops  to keep our hot, thirsty bikers hydrated and cramp-free, badgering (oops, I mean persuading!) sponsors for goody bag gifts, and signing up just about everyone who happened to cross our path as a volunteer for one task or another!

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Tour De Singapore 2016: Setting the wheels in motion for Aidha’s annual fundraiser

Why would anyone cycle 100 kilometres on a Sunday morning even before the sun has risen? For some,  doing it to raise funds to positively impact the lives of people in need is a great impetus. For others, it might be the thrill of challenging oneself and achieving a high level of fitness. We sat down with two cyclists, who will participate in Aidha’s 4th Tour de Singapore to understand their  motivation . Meet Neil Yang and Joel Kang, who will join around 200 Aidha supporters on April 24, 2016, in East Coast Park to raise awareness and funds for Aidha.

Written by: Aarati Rajwade

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Selina McCole is all set to conquer the Saharan sands for Aidha!

Early next month, Selina McCole will set out on the journey of a lifetime, running what has been described by the National Geographic Channel as “the toughest footrace on earth”. The race, covering around 257 km across the Sahara Desert, is the equivalent of six marathons, run or walked over six days. Aside from water, runners must carry with them all that they need to survive. We caught up with Selina to find out how her final preparations are going.

Written by: Kate Shepherd

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