CEO Message. Gearing up for our big Bike Ride: we need YOU!

March saw us all in full Bike Ride prep mode: plotting out the 50k and 100k routes, applying for police permits for the agreed cycle routes, arranging insurance and buying first aid kits, exploring unknown parts of Pasir Panjang for T-shirt making warehouses, getting the flag-making ‘factory’ in full swing for the cheer teams lining the routes, deciding on the number of bananas at the drink stops  to keep our hot, thirsty bikers hydrated and cramp-free, badgering (oops, I mean persuading!) sponsors for goody bag gifts, and signing up just about everyone who happened to cross our path as a volunteer for one task or another!

Yes, it’s that time again. The 4th Aidha Tour de Singapore takes place in about 20 days’ time, on 24 April 2016.

Once again, we need your tremendous support to raise $150,000 which will fund our programmes and help empower more women towards brighter futures for themselves and their families.  Last year, 140 bikers took part and $100K was raised! Buoyed by this success, we have an even more ambitious goal this year. The good news: 120 bikers have already signed up, so we are more than halfway to the target number of participants. The not-so-good-news-as-yet:  we still have a long way to go towards the fundraising goal. If every one of you could undertake just one fundraising activity, it would very quickly add up. It need not be anything complicated – a bake sale in your office/church/kids’ school, or starting a ‘swear/lame excuses’ box in your office can be surprisingly effective, and fun! If you decide to make a donation, the very good news is that both you and Aidha will benefit because as an IPC (Institution of Public Character), all donations are 250% tax deductible. A very persuasive reason to donate today, if indeed you really needed one!

On a more personal note, a big thank you to everyone who sent the nicest emails and messages when news of my leaving Aidha was announced this month. Several moved me to tears. But I will be in Aidha until the end of June to ensure a smooth transition so you will still see me on campus for a few more months yet!  If anyone is worried that Aidha would lose momentum, please rest assure that it will not. Our Board has already started the process of looking for someone to take Aidha to the next level. Aidha’s core mission and values remain the same, as does our drive to be ever more successful. And just to underscore the fact that Aidha will not suffer in the transition, this month we received the very happy news that our coveted IPC status has been renewed till Oct 2017.  So, you see, really nothing to worry about, apart from how to raise that $150K in the coming Bike Ride, so we can help more women…       


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