Irawati’s Dream: A Success Story of Perseverance and Passion

In 2006, Irawati left Jakarta with a clear goal in mind — to provide her family with financial security and to secure a better future for herself. Several obstacles stood between her and her success — her poor English, fear of failing at her new job and unbearable homesickness.

Written By: Vittoria O

Despite all odds, Irawati did not want to let go of her dreams. As soon as she got a day off work, she set off to find new educational opportunities. She joined a computer class offered by the Singapore Indonesian School, but ended up learning a lot more than computer skills. In that class, she met someone who introduced her to Aidha. Little did she know that it would be the first step to bring her closer to her dreams.

Irawati (center) and friends at the Aidha Graduation Ceremony 2015

In 2013, Irawati became a student at Aidha, where she learned how to plan and organise a business and save enough capital to transform her plan into a reality. For her business plan, she chose to combine her new skills with her long-term passion — baking. It was a simple idea with great potential: to open her own bakery and sell healthy, high quality food at affordable prices.


Irawati’s delicious creations for her bakery

Three years after joining Aidha, Irawati cannot believe how much she has achieved. Her bakery is scheduled to open in July this year and several orders have already been placed! She will cater to birthday parties, charity events, weddings and many more.

Irawati’s dream of setting up a bakery comes true!

“Aidha helped me to achieve my dream. The mentors at Aidha did not just give us knowledge but they opened our minds to be independent and to build our own future,” says Irawati. Even though she credits her mentors, her family and all her supporters, Irawati is also very proud of herself, and rightly so! She is a great role model for many others and has precious advice for all potential students out there: “Go for it. Don’t be afraid of challenges and never, never give up on your dream.”

2 thoughts on “Irawati’s Dream: A Success Story of Perseverance and Passion

  1. A BIG congratulations to Irawati! Although I did not know her personally during her time with Aidha, I would love to taste her delicious baking! It would be great to have the address to her store so I can visit the next time I’m in Jakarta.


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