Tour De Singapore 2016: Setting the wheels in motion for Aidha’s annual fundraiser

Why would anyone cycle 100 kilometres on a Sunday morning even before the sun has risen? For some,  doing it to raise funds to positively impact the lives of people in need is a great impetus. For others, it might be the thrill of challenging oneself and achieving a high level of fitness. We sat down with two cyclists, who will participate in Aidha’s 4th Tour de Singapore to understand their  motivation . Meet Neil Yang and Joel Kang, who will join around 200 Aidha supporters on April 24, 2016, in East Coast Park to raise awareness and funds for Aidha.

Written by: Aarati Rajwade

Cyclists gearing up to start at the Bike Ride last year

Neil and Joel work for Citi in Singapore and they cycled the 100 km route last year. The common thread that unites them is their deep desire to empower foreign domestic workers (FDWs) through financial education. They understand the sacrifices FDWs make — leaving behind their families to earn a better living – and feel that Aidha’s programmes really do help FDWs realise their financial goals. This prompted Neil and Joel to join 18 other Citi staff members in 2015 to cycle for Aidha and raise approximately $3,000. They enjoyed the 2015 experience so much that they decided to come back in 2016 as part of a new Citi team to help raise money for Aidha’s programmers and initiatives.

In 2015, we saw over 140 cyclists cross the finish line, thereby raising $100,000 for Aidha’s students.  This year, Aidha hopes to raise $150,000.

Aidha supporters conquered, despite the ‘heat and distance’

Neil and Joel urge riders to train for the race as it is challenging, given the heat and distance. If you are looking for more motivation, this key finding from Aidha’s impact survey will help you cross the finish line:   ‘educate one woman, impact nine lives’ . So, whether you are riding the 100 km or cheering your friends at the finish line, remember to get your friends and family participating in this great cause too. Good luck to all cyclists!

Note: It’s only $45 to register!

To register, click on:

If you don’t cycle, there are many other ways you can get involved.

You can help fundraise, visit or you can make a donation.

All donations are 250% tax deductible as Aidha is an IPC (Institution of Public Character)  

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