We’re 10 this year: a milestone birthday!

The other day, I chanced upon this quote: ‘We don’t remember days, we remember moments’, which seemed serendipitous as I had just come from a planning meeting to mark Aidha’s 10th birthday.  A birthday is always a reason to celebrate but a milestone birthday deserves a decidedly special bash!  

Written by: Karen Fernandez

19 July 2006 marks the day Aidha was born! Since we started 10 years ago, we have gone from the cozy black-and-white house on Nassim Road, with 25 students, to our smart digs at United World College with 700 new students in 2015. In 10 years, Aidha has impacted over 2,800 students. We have many ‘moments’ and people to celebrate and celebrate we surely will!

Please save the afternoon of Sunday 17 July 2016 for our birthday bash- more details will follow on shortly. We have chosen a Sunday to enable as many students and alumni to join us, as essentially they are the celebration.

One of the very first Aidha classes in 2006 being held in the function room of then- President Sarah Mavrinac’s condominium

Everyone who has been connected with Aidha in the last 10 years will have their own recollection of special moments at Aidha. So many people have contributed their time, energy, skills and passion to make Aidha what it is today.  Even though some have moved away, or returned home, they remain precious to us and we want every single one to join us in the celebration.  If you have a story, photographs or collateral from Aidha’s early days  to share, or would like to record a short message/video, we would love to hear from you. No detail is too small, and every story will surely surprise or raise a smile! Please email them to 10birthday@aidha.org

Over the next few months, please look out for our Aidha10 logo (above) which you will begin to see more and more of. First up will be our limited edition Aidha10 T-shirts which we will launch at the end of April! Proceeds from the T-shirts will help us fund our programmes, which we hope will enable us to empower even more women in the next 10 years!

A very special thank you to Faye Hanley of Red Events for so generously sharing her time and event planning expertise with us to get this party off the ground. Red’s designers at Cyan designed the special Aidha10 logo for us.  Red does tailored corporate events and you can check out their website on:  http://www.redevents.com.sg/   Faye can be reached on faye.handley@redevents.com.sg

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