Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, arigato to our wonderful volunteers!

Sunday is always a busy day for Aidha volunteers (and of course, our students!) as they make their way in and out of the Campus Office, collect their teaching materials, and rush for their classes. But they always seem to leave their classes with a satisfied smile….

In the past month, a few of our wonderful volunteers left their classes with mixed emotions of pride, and satisfaction  mixed with a tinge of melancholy as they completed their last classes at Aidha. These are volunteers who are or will be leaving Singapore in the near future and will no longer be able to continue teaching and mentoring our students.

We dedicate this article to them to thank them for their endless commitment and enthusiasm as mentors, teachers and guides to our students. Here are some words of wisdom that they would like to share with the Aidha community.

Written by: Aneesha Daswani

Stephanie has been a volunteer with Aidha since September 2014. She has successfully mentored Venture Club and Advanced Leadership Club batches at Aidha. She summarizes her experience as, “My engagement in Aidha and with its students has not only given me the opportunity to try something new, namely teaching, but has also challenged and re-defined my perspective with  regards to others as well as myself. Indeed, a truly fun, instructive and valuable experience!”

Roald is a Module 2 Mentor for Advanced Leadership Club and he believes that, “The mentoring of an Advanced Leadership class at Aidha did not only enable me to help my students shape their future; the interactions also meant the students enriched and added value to my time in Singapore”

And last but not the least, Shaista shares her thoughts. “I must say Aidha is a training organization that gives confidence to its students to be on track for the best future. I not only enjoyed but I myself learnt a lot from here.”
Our volunteers’ passion for teaching and mentoring lies at the very core of Aidha. We greatly value their contributions and wish them the greatest of success in their future endeavors.

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