Unveiling the New Curriculum…

With the rapid advancements of technology and new insights on entrepreneurship, it is important that Aidha ensures that our students are future-proof. With the curriculum review team working tirelessly since late 2016, it’s time to unveil the changes…

Written by: Aneesha Daswani, Sarah Druce and Yan Yan Lin

At Aidha, we want our students to be capable financial decision-makers, investors and business owners.  To achieve this, Aidha has embarked on a comprehensive review of its curriculum.

The Curriculum Review Team is led by Aidha Curriculum Review lead, Ms. Sarah Druce, and Aidha Programmes Manager, Ms Marjanne van der Helm, and powered by a team of mentors/volunteers.  The Curriculum Review has incorporated feedback from across the Aidha community to devise a new curriculum. While the new curriculum is still a work in progress, here is a sneak peek of changes to expect: –

Overview slide New curriculum

Introducing the new curriculum…
  • (New) Plan your Financial Future-Module:

The new “Plan your Financial Future” module will teach students to be smart financial decision makers – they will understand how to evaluate personal financial options, invest in productive assets (such as land, a house, livestock, etc.), prepare for retirement, ensure financial security and be resilient when things don’t go to plan.  They will leave this module with a complete toolkit to develop their long term financial plan (similar to the business plans for the current M2). This new module will also address feedback that the jump from Module 1 (saving & budgeting) to Module 2 (starting a business) is a big one. Not all students want or are ready to start a business but many students do make investments, e.g. buying a house, vehicles, land, livestock.

*Note: The new module 2 (Plan your Financial Future) is available to alumni who have completed Aidha as well as new students.


Offering a new basic computer elective as a refresher course before the start of Module 1
  • (New) Basic Computer Elective:

For students that do need a primer on computer basics,  we have introduced a 3-month introductory computer workshop elective to bring them up to speed for the other courses. This means when students start M1, they will have consistently better computer skills.

  • Updated Modules:

Content for existing modules will be updated to ensure they continue to be relevant for students as well as foster a greater level of integration with other courses within their modules. There will also be additional focus on building critical soft skills, essential to budding entrepreneurs.

  • Shortened Modules:

All modules will be shortened to 6 months. Students can complete the foundation M1 Course in 6 months, build a strong understanding of personal finance in 12 months, or complete the full course with a business plan in 18 months (same as current model).


At a recent Google Business Group (GBG) workshop where Aidha students get to use mobile apps for online marketing
  • Active Learning Approach:

There will be a greater focus in leveraging technology and ensuring active learning for the students, e.g. doing their homework online and using technology (computer and mobile phone) in class to get a more hands-on experience.

Marjanne said, “We want our students to be able to deal with possible failure. Many businesses don’t make it and it is so important that they can pick themselves up again. All of this will be addressed in our new curriculum.” With the new structure of shortened modules to six months instead, this might also attract more FDWs to enrol classes at Aidha as there are various situations which might limit their stay in Singapore.

With the development of wholly new content, not only new Aidha students get to enjoy it but alumni will also have the opportunity to take the new module 2 (Plan your Financial Future) as well. The new curriculum will officially start in September so keep a lookout for any updates.

Thank you to the mentors, volunteers and staff members for making the curriculum review a reality.  Aidha is certain that the new curriculum will provide a better understanding on financial literacy and entrepreneurship for FDWs and their communities back home.


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