Meet the Team behind Aidha Operations – Part 1

We would like to share the personal stories of the diverse and talented people who help Aidha keep on keeping on!

Written by: Diana Muradova, Ida Supahat and Marjanne van der Helm 

More profiles to be featured in the upcoming issues of the digest and don’t forget to say hi when you see them on Aidha campus…


Origin Country:

Country of cheese, wooden shoes and tulips… The Netherlands! I have to admit, I have never visited the Keukenhof with all its tulips and other flowers, myself (blush). I did own these cute pink tiny wooden shoes when I was two. And am a big big fan of cheese!

Worked at Aidha since:

I started as a volunteer mentor for Leadership Club in 2014. Such a rewarding experience. ‘My’ batch graduated last year. Super proud! And I was so impressed with the professional way Aidha was organized, that I really wanted to be part of the team. I became a full-time staff member early 2016, first as a Student Affairs Manager and then as the Programmes Manager. Currently I am working on the Curriculum Review. Exciting!

Favorite moment at Aidha?

Favorite momentS, please? There are just so many. But if I have to choose, I really enjoyed the 2016 Aidha Graduation Ceremony. So proud of the 180 graduates! And especially when the Aidha Fabulous Fighters performed…Goosebumps and tears in my eyes when these amazing ladies danced to ‘This is my fight song, take back my life song’. That is what Aidha is about, that our students regain control over their life,build their confidence and improve their (financial) futures.

What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of?

Ehmm… Jesus Christ Superstar, the 1970’s rock musical 😉 Always had a bit of a crush on Jesus (Ted Neeley). I love to sing, and I love this hippie opera and era. Whenever I am in the Netherlands, together with my youngest brother, we sing some of the songs behind the piano. We know pretty much all of the lyrics by heart.

Current favorite TV Show:

Homeland. Together with my hubby, we watched all the seasons. It is so real. And I love Claire Danes’ acting. To balance this rather grim show, Peppa Pig is also a huge hit in our house. My two kids (1 1/2 & 4yrs) both watch it all the time. And secretly, I enjoy it too. They have so many funny references on modern day parenting. Also daddy Pig in many ways resembles my husband (e.g. a self-proclaimed expert in almost everything 🙂



Origin Country:

Armenia, small tiny beautiful place!

Worked at Aidha since:


What kind of interactions you have as a Student Affairs Manager is your favorite?

Oh, all the questions I get asked ☺ Sometimes, when I message students and they are not quite sure who I am, they ask to see a photo of me. Then they always give me compliments, which is super cute! I also love learning the life stories of our students, I am always amazed by the inspiring and strong women and it reinstates the value of work we collectively do at Aidha.

What’s the strangest talent you have?

I can sleep anywhere – airplane, train, small chair! If I am tired and need a nap, (I’m) absolutely flexible as to when and where it will happen.

Current hobby:

Travelling in the Southeast Asia, discovering amazing food in this region of the world.

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