Yanthi’s Journey: A Tale of Passion and Perseverance

From an English student to business manager and now working towards becoming a professional photographer, Yanthi took most decisions in life with a goal to learn as much as possible.

Written by: Vittoria O.

Driven by the desire to work, study and explore the world, Yanthi left her home in Central Java, Indonesia, 19 years ago to start a new life in Singapore. This not only allowed her to support her family back home but also enrich herself with new experiences and adventures.

Yanthi (2nd from right) pictured with her friends at Aidha on Kartini Day

During her first months in Singapore, the loneliness was unbearable and she could only keep in touch with her family through letters. But Yanthi fought the urge to give up and enrolled herself in English and computer classes. She has been working for the same employer for 19 long, rewarding years. One day, a friend introduced Yanthi to Aidha. She saw it as the perfect opportunity to start working towards a secure future. At Aidha, Yanthi learned about finance, business management, and self-confidence. In 2012, she became a proud Aidha graduate and also joined the trainee program.

Yanthi (center) volunteering with Aidha at Bras Basah

Within a few years, she was able to save enough capital to buy two small shops in Indonesia, which she rents out on a regular basis with the help of her best friend. In addition, she also bought a piece of land nearby, where she plans to build her own home one day. With her future secured, Yanthi is now able to pursue her long-standing passion, photography. Working with a group of like-minded friends and professional models from around the world to improve her skills and techniques, she is already on the way to becoming an expert photographer. Yanthi’s sleek and editorial-like photograph was featured at the recent “This Is Me” Photography Exhibition.

Yanthi’s featured photograph at the This Is Me Photography Exhibition

Yanthi on the way to becoming a professional photographer

Yanthi says, “If you join Aidha you can learn how to become independent. You can increase your knowledge and build something to go home with”. Thanks to Aidha and her own determination, Yanthi was able to build the basis for a stable future. It has given her a sense of freedom she did not know before.

Keep a lookout for Yanthi and her future works!

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