Egg-cited for Sri Yanah’s Chicken Farm Business

Sri Yanah’s graduated from Aidha in 2016

Before she enrolled at Aidha, life for Sri Yanah was like many of our students.  She worked in Singapore for years before she heard of Aidha and was struggling with a lack of confidence and found it hard to socialise with others. And like many FDWs similar to her situation, saving was not a priority. After sending money home to Semarang in Central Java (Indonesia) each month, she would give herself a small allowance for spending “I didn’t think about saving money for my future,” she said.

Written by: Sarah Datta


Sri Yanah (centre) with her friends at Aidha

Sri was introduced to Aidha by a friend but was apprehensive about joining at first.  “I wasn’t sure, as I had been struggling for over five years to support my family,” she said.  Thankfully, Sri’s employer gave her the encouragement she needed and offered to sponsor her enrolment.

Sri Yanah’s boosted confidence has helped her to present well

After just a few months at Aidha, Sri noticed a real difference in her own mindset and positivity. “I realised I need to think about ensuring a stable income once I am no longer working as a domestic worker”, she recalled.  Her confidence also soared, thanks in large part to the sense of community she felt with her peers. “I felt able to share my struggles being away from my family because I knew my classmates were going through the same thing.”

Sri Yanah’s first investment, a Provision shop

Almost five years later, and it’s not just Sri’s outlook on life that has changed.  She has successfully established not one, but two businesses – a grocery store and a chicken farm! Sri is now generating a stable income for herself and her family, with hopes to expand the business in the future.  

Sri Yanah’s goal is to expand her chicken farm business

Sri encourages other women in her previous position to be brave and push themselves. “Please do not give up trying to find a better future for yourself and your family,” she urged.  She hopes others who are perhaps hesitant will enrol, to learn new skills, think about their futures and pursue their dreams.

“I’ve learnt so much at Aidha,” Sri added. “But the most important is that I have learnt to be confident and think positively about a better future.”



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