Meet the Team: Jeanne Bellec and Ida Supahat


The marketing duo of Aidha! They work closely to come up with ideas and strategy to improve Aidha’s brand awareness, outreach activities and fundraising. Read more and learn what kind of superpower Jeanne would like and what Ida aspires to be in the future…

Written by: Ida Supahat and Jeanne Bellec

Jeanne Bellec, Marketing and Development Specialist
Country: France
I come from a small city in the center of France, Limoges, surrounded by a beautiful countryside. I have been living in Singapore for 7 years now, I love the diversity and the dynamism of the city-state and its hot and humid weather (!). Did you know? To greet someone in France, you do cheek kisses, ‘la bise’. It may go from one on each cheek to 3 or 4 depending on the region of France you come from. Always difficult to guess; coming from Limoges, for me it’s 2!

Worked at Aidha since:
February 2017, still new! I started getting involved with Aidha as a mentor for the Module on Entrepreneurship and Business Management early 2016; very happy to have joined this great team!

At Aidha, when we educate one woman, we are impacting nine other lives. Who has positively impacted your life?
My sisters first! We are a family of four girls and we have always been very close to each other. Each of my sisters, with her own personality, has influenced and inspired me. They helped me to be more communicative, positive about the future and tolerant of differences. The sibling relationship is the longest relationship that most of us will have in our lives and in my case, that’s maybe the strongest as well…

I can also say that all the strong and amazing women I met at Aidha have impacted my life. I am very impressed by our students who have overcome many challenges in their lives and are so eager to learn. Their energy, their courage and their determination are a wonderful source of motivation.

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?
If I have to choose one, I guess time manipulation would be nice! I could go back in time to have my kids/babies again (and will accelerate the time when they are teenagers!), could stop the time when I am eating cheese and could have a look on how the future looks like….Sounds pretty exciting!

Current read:
Petit Pays, Gael Faye – An autobiographical novel; the story of a young boy in Burundi who loves his country but has to face the horrors of the wars in Burundi and in Rwanda. A deeply moving book.

Ida Supahat, Communications Manager

Country: Born and raised in Singapore. I love how Singapore is such a vibrant, diverse country to be in with loads of great food. I love how I can get authentic Indian, Italian, Malay food anytime, anywhere!

Worked at Aidha since:
It will be my 3rd year at Aidha in July 2018!

What do you like the most working at Aidha?
Hearing the stories of the ladies and seeing their infectious energy on campus! I love talking to them about their aspirations and seeing them grow over the years… Also, one thing that I like to do is to see their progress on Facebook (yes! I’m friends with some of the students and alumni on Facebook and they update their pages constantly!) and get the opportunity to see how they are doing in their life, business or investments.

What is your future aspiration?
I aspire to be an entrepreneur myself and it is interesting as I surround myself with our students who are very entrepreneurial and innovative, they have inspired me to live fearlessly and to just do it!

Current favourite music:
I listen to a variety of genres but I’m loving female rappers/singers lately. My favourite music would have to be the songs from H.E.R, Jorja Smith and SZA. SZA was even listed on former president Barack Obama’s playlist for 2017 (how can you go wrong with that)!


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