Volunteer Spotlight: Will Teoh

Will Teoh started volunteering at Aidha eight or nine years ago.  “I’d just graduated and decided that I should make good use of my time during the weekend with meaningful activities. Volunteering at Aidha was one of them”. Will shares one of his earliest Aidha memories, “At Aidha’s first school-house, students actually cooked in the house and they would simulate selling the food. I got the chance to taste some really good, local food from their home countries!” he laughs.


Written by Belinda Fowler

Fast forward to the present day and management consultant Will is now joined by friend Jeff Hong. Both are mentoring for Aidha’s Essential Computer Skills courses at the Aidha campus.  Jeff has qualifications in Information Systems and works for a digital agency, so they both bring a wealth of experience to their mentoring roles.


Buddies teaming up and teaching computer skills!

“It is satisfying to see students who didn’t know how to use the keyboard and mouse in the first class be able to send emails, create documents and spreadsheets by the end of the course,” says Jeff, who started volunteering at Aidha just last year. “I feel happy whenever I see the impact I’ve made and that has encouraged me to return to mentor the next batch of students.”


Your perfect day off?

Waking up late around 10am, followed by a sumptuous brunch and lazy afternoon watching videos at home. Just after sunset, I would go for at least a 10km run. A simple and perfect day to me!


Besides volunteering for Aidha, what else do you love doing in your free time?

I hang out with friends, watch movies and train for marathons. I have this habit of checking Rotten Tomatoes for movies that score high in “Tomatometer” before watching!

What are your favourite places to hang out in Singapore?

I always watch movies in Dhoby Ghaut and do meetups in the Tanjong Pagar area.

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