Meet The Team!

We’d like to introduce two new members of the Aidha Team, Elaine Juan (Elle) and Linette Chan! If you’re an Aidha student, you must have chatted with our friendly Campus Manager, Linette. But did you know that Linette was also one of our riders at our recent Bike Ride? And if you are an Aidha volunteer, Elle is the go-to person for all volunteering matters. Get to know them better in this feature!

Elle (left) is our Volunteer and HR Manager and she oversees the recruitment, training, engagement and management of our volunteers as well as the Aidha team. We asked Elle a couple of fun questions below:

Besides FDW causes, what other causes are you passionate about and why?

Elle: I am also passionate about mental health and de-stigmatising mental health issues. Misconception about mental health issues is often rooted in the lack of education or understanding of the subject. In my own little ways, I try to champion the cause by sharing my knowledge about mental health and by providing a non-judgmental space for my families, friends and even colleagues to have conversations about it.

What are your interests outside of Aidha?

I tend to try my hand at multiple things – ultimately, I love creating something! I brew kombucha, make my own soaps, sketch and paint. I am also learning a new language (Hindi) now so my goal for 2021 is to be proficient at it!

Tell us a little bit more about a woman who has inspired you and why you admire her?

Elle: There are so many inspiring women whose stories are often left untold but if I were to pick one female role model, it would be Fe Del Mundo– a Filipino paediatrician and the first woman during her time to be admitted to Harvard Medical School. She returned to the Philippines and dedicated the rest of her life to improving the lives of the underserved. I did not end up becoming a doctor but much like Dr Fe, I hope to use my skills to be of service to the community.

Why is financial education important for women?

Elle: Empowering women with financial education and tools enable them to create impactful changes in their lives as well as for their families and communities– ultimately improving lives for more than just themselves alone.

What is your favourite quote?

Elle: This is quite a recent one but it immediately became one of my favourites when I heard it. It is from Amanda Gorman, a young poet who delivered her poem during the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – There is always light. If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it.

What are your hopes for Aidha in 2021?

Elle: I have big hopes for Aidha! As an organization, I know that we will continue to meet the challenges imposed by the pandemic. I hope that through this process, we stumble upon one of our biggest discoveries yet – to improve the accessibility of financial education to an even wider audience using creative virtual tools.

Get to Know Linette!

Linette runs our Sunday campus, which is currently operating online – this involves facilitating the entire process from enrolling students to making sure all the classes are delivered smoothly!

Besides FDW causes, what other causes are you passionate about and why?

Linette: Inclusion; I worked at a disability home before joining Aidha and was really moved by how much the residents had to give, and how little the world around them seemed to care. I also think that most social causes are ultimately connected! If I say I care about humans, I must care about all humans, even and especially those on the margins… and I must care about the earth that sustains us all.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Aidha?

Linette: I love cycling and running! I’m also a keen theatre fan and am very excited that socially distanced live performances are starting again. And finally, I picked up baking last year and making beautiful loaves of bread brings me joy!

Linette (right) was a rider for #TeamAidha in our recent Bike Ride!

What is your number one dream travel destination?
Linette: I want to climb the Yellow Mountains in China 😍

Why is financial education important for women?
Linette: Financial education gives women choices – it helps them to claim and craft their own futures. For our students, it means the sacrifices they’ve made and the work they’ve put in can be harnessed to achieve their dreams, and shape their families and communities for good.

What is your favourite quote?
Linette: From a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks: Live not for battles won/ Live not for the-end-of-the-song/ Live in the along.

What are your hopes for Aidha in 2021?
Linette: I hope that we’ll be able to reach more women with our programmes, and continue cheering them on as they transform their lives!

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