Pass it On!

We are excited to announce that, with our supporters’ and donors’ help, we raised a grand total of $76,000 for our 2019 Gift of Education campaign! This includes the proceeds from Aidha’s Charity Quiz Night in November, donations collected through and Aidha’s website, as well as off-line contributions.

What a night it was! Our quiz participants cheering for their team.
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Riding for Aidha


It’s 4am: out of the dark, a steady stream of orange-clad cyclists starts to arrive. Despite the hour, the excitement builds. With team photos complete, they make their way to the starting line at the Sports Hub for the OCBC Cycle 2019. Team Aidha is here, and ready to ride!

Written by: Belinda Fowler

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2018 Graduation Competitions!

Written by Hannah Collins

On October 7th 2018, 12 out of 110 graduating students were selected as finalists for the Personal Financial Plan and Business Plan competitions after a lengthy judging process. After weeks of preparation and many hours spent with their mentors, the students were both nervous and excited to give their presentations.

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A Collaboration to Empower Local Women

Source: DOT’s Facebook
Written by Sarah Datta

A special partnership has been flourishing between Aidha and another women-empowering Singapore-based non-profit organisation!

AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research – one of Singapore’s leading gender equality groups) selected Aidha and Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) as joint grantees for its ‘Power Fund’. Together with DOT, Aidha was tasked to develop and deliver an in-depth financial literacy training curriculum for low-income women in Singapore.

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An “Unspoken Life” Finds Its Voice

On December 15, 2017, Aidha launched its second photography exhibition under the banner of “Unspoken Life”. The opening night returned to the intimate Intersections Gallery on Kandahar Street, seeing members of the media and representatives from the Indonesian and Philippines embassies come together with corporate partners and Aidha supporters to celebrate the artistic creativity of foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

Written by: Alex Campbell

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Aidha’s 11th Graduation Ceremony: A Celebration of Passion and Energy

Last October 29, we held Aidha’s biggest annual event at the Nexus Auditorium – Cuppage Plaza, Aidha’s 11th Graduation Ceremony. We had a total of 110 graduates this year! The guests of honour, sponsors, mentors, employers as well as families and friends of the graduates were welcomed by our master of ceremonies, Ms. Ting Claravall, who has been an Aidha mentor herself since 2009.

Written by: Chelot Belan

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A Perfect Pitch to End off ADP 2017!

Alumni Development Programme (ADP) Big Pitch Finalists 2018

For everyone else, 24th September 2017 was just any other Sunday. However, for six of Aidha’s alumni, it was anything but. Chosen from an initial group of 12, the finalists for Aidha’s Big Pitch were preparing for their final presentation at the Sunday campus, as an audience of friends and supporters gave them moral support. After weeks of studying, their efforts came down to this – a 5-minute presentation on their respective business plans, and the hope that they would be chosen to receive funding.

Written by: Michelle Tan

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