Emelda’s Convenience Store

Emelda Cariaga left her home in the Philippines almost 30 years ago to work as a foreign domestic worker in Singapore with a clear goal to financially support her family. She realised the importance of being financially stable, and she was determined to learn how to make the most of the wages she earned. When her employer introduced her to Aidha’s courses, she didn’t think twice about joining. Her employers gave her the support she needed and offered to sponsor her enrolment fees.

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Light Up the World

After graduating from high school in Lampung, Indonesia, Rara Anggriani worked at her relative’s shop selling spare parts before heading to Malaysia to become a domestic worker. After a couple years in Malaysia, Rara arrived in Singapore in 2012 to work as a domestic worker and has since helped fund the construction of a family home in Indonesia as well as set up another spare parts shop that is managed by her mother.

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Despite challenges in her youth, Rara managed to always remain positive and it radiates when she shares about her hopes and dreams.

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No Age Bar for Learning


After struggling to find a stable job in her hometown in the Philippines, Gleia Mae Duenas and her husband had to turn their house into a storage facility. When her four-year-old daughter innocently asked her why they had to live in a storage house, Gleia knew she had to do something to secure a better life for their futures.

Written by: Preethy Sajan

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2018 Graduation Competitions!

Written by Hannah Collins

On October 7th 2018, 12 out of 110 graduating students were selected as finalists for the Personal Financial Plan and Business Plan competitions after a lengthy judging process. After weeks of preparation and many hours spent with their mentors, the students were both nervous and excited to give their presentations.

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A Talent Not to Be Missed!

Written by: Priyansha Reddy

Ritchelle Mantiquilla is from the Phillippines and is a widow with 2 sons. Much against the will of her father, she moved to Singapore 10 years ago, in search of work and a better future for her sons. She earnestly explains that a helper’s job is no different from a mother’s and vehemently disapproves of the stigma associated with this selfless profession. Little did she know that fateful day, the magnitude and extent to which her life would change, forever.

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Egg-cited for Sri Yanah’s Chicken Farm Business

Sri Yanah’s graduated from Aidha in 2016

Before she enrolled at Aidha, life for Sri Yanah was like many of our students.  She worked in Singapore for years before she heard of Aidha and was struggling with a lack of confidence and found it hard to socialise with others. And like many FDWs similar to her situation, saving was not a priority. After sending money home to Semarang in Central Java (Indonesia) each month, she would give herself a small allowance for spending “I didn’t think about saving money for my future,” she said.

Written by: Sarah Datta

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Marilyn’s Dream: Quenching The Thirst of a Community

When Marilyn Orit left home in 2007, she was well prepared for a long road ahead. Even so, she could have never predicted she would come this far. From Maasin City, Philippines, she traveled all the way to Hong Kong where she started working with the Orchard family. Two years ago, she followed them to Singapore and has been living with them ever since. Adjusting to a new environment becomes a lot easier when your employers are like family to you.

Written by: Vitttoria O.

Marilyn in Singapore in 2014

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