My own hostel! Radliyah turns her dream into a reality…

Next month, a brand-new hostel will open in the city of Semarang, Central Java. With well-lit and modern rooms, this centre is for students, industry workers and commuters from nearby areas, offering them a place to relax and feel at home. The mind and heart behind this promising business is Radliyah, a brave and determined woman who dreamed about opening a hostel and turned that dream into reality after she enrolled in Aidha.

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Meet the Poet in our Midst…

“And the third prize at the second annual Migrant Worker Poetry Competition goes to…Sharasyamsi!”

Congratulations to Aidha student Sharasyamsi for doing us proud! This is the first time that the poetry competition allowed women to participate, and a whopping 65% of the entries came from women. Four Aidha students made the shortlist, with Sharasyamsi winning third prize with her poem “Engkau”, or “You”.

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Running a marathon for Aidha? All in a day’s work!


Training for a full marathon is not for the faint-hearted, so it may come as a surprise that four runners currently in training for the December 6th Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore are associated with Aidha. Despite their full-time work schedules, these athletes manage to train for long-distance running. What inspires them to do it? Meet our super-disciplined runners: Aidha alumni Janelyn (Jannah), Mel, and Delia; and Amy, a 2015 M1 batch member.

By: Aarati Rajwade and Miin Hwang

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From employer-employee to co-volunteers


by Ting Claravall

Aidha is fortunate to enjoy strong support in the expat community for our work with low-income women. Many in this community are happy to send their foreign domestic helpers on their Sunday day off to benefit from Aidha’s programmes. .. . Or even to become volunteers themselves.

But there are some who believe so deeply in the Aidha mission that they end up doing both.

Such is the case with Australian employer Sarah Druce and Norma Casinova, her domestic helper of five years. We sat down with this employer-employee team to learn more about what powers their commitment to Aidha – and to each other.

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“CELebrating CELmar” – Aidha thanks a loyal and dedicated volunteer…

By Ting Claravall with Kate Vickery

One of Aidha’s longest-serving alumni volunteers is leaving us to go back home to the Philippines and start her new journey as an entrepreneur. Celmar has been a mainstay at Aidha since almost the very first day we opened our doors. So here’s a simple tribute to show her how much we appreciate all she has done. Please join us in ‘Cel-ebrating Celmar’ and do wish her luck in her future endeavours by commenting below!

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May Student of the Month: Tri Utami – She doesn’t just want a business. She wants to build another Aidha.

Tri has been with Aidha since 2009 when she first joined as a student. She has been a trainee since 2011.

Tri has been with Aidha since 2009 when she first joined as a student

Many regular visitors to the Aidha campus will have seen the petite lady in a hijab shyly greeting and helping students and volunteers on Sundays.

But not so long ago, Tri Utami could barely look anyone in the eye when they spoke to her. She was that shy.

“Last time, I couldn’t even talk like this, person to person, looking straight at the eyes. I would look down. When I had to talk in front of people, I had no confidence at all, because I would feel that (since) I only graduated from high school, my English was just simple English.”

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