A Friendly Face at Aidha

Most Aidha students and alumnae will recognise Ting Claravall as the energetic emcee at our graduation ceremonies and events (both virtual and in-person!). But did you know that Ting has been with Aidha since the early years? A long-time volunteer who started in 2009, one of her first volunteering projects was producing Aidha’s first-ever graduation video! Ting was instrumental in spreading the word about Aidha, helping to grow our Facebook page and newsletter, together with the Aidha team back then. Ever since, she has played an active role in the Aidha community – as a mentor and also as an emcee for Aidha events and graduation ceremonies.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Zaccaria

As a passionate supporter of women’s empowerment and financial education, Laura Zaccaria was moved by Aidha’s mission and recognised that she could use her skills to support our programmes. Laura has been a volunteer mentor since 2015 after finding out about Aidha through her friend Prerana, who is also a seasoned Aidha volunteer. At the time, Laura was at a point in her life where she was trying to find something meaningful to spend her time on and channel her energy and volunteering with Aidha was just the right fit!

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Friends for Keeps at Aidha!

Meenakshi Sanghi and Belinda Fowler became friends while studying to be English teachers and both joined Aidha as ‘Improve your English’ mentors soon after.  Passionate advocates for women’s education, they love that as Aidha volunteers they can make a practical difference in students’ lives.

belinda and meenakshi
Meenakshi and Belinda are also office volunteers and they’re a great help in Aidha’s events and marketing campaigns.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Will Teoh

Will Teoh started volunteering at Aidha eight or nine years ago.  “I’d just graduated and decided that I should make good use of my time during the weekend with meaningful activities. Volunteering at Aidha was one of them”. Will shares one of his earliest Aidha memories, “At Aidha’s first school-house, students actually cooked in the house and they would simulate selling the food. I got the chance to taste some really good, local food from their home countries!” he laughs.


Written by Belinda Fowler

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An “Unspoken Life” Finds Its Voice

On December 15, 2017, Aidha launched its second photography exhibition under the banner of “Unspoken Life”. The opening night returned to the intimate Intersections Gallery on Kandahar Street, seeing members of the media and representatives from the Indonesian and Philippines embassies come together with corporate partners and Aidha supporters to celebrate the artistic creativity of foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

Written by: Alex Campbell

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