Farewell to Our Star Volunteer Sarah Druce!

Meet Sarah Druce, our star volunteer in the spotlight this month! She is an Australian lawyer by profession and has been living in Singapore for the last nine years with her family. A true sports enthusiast at heart, her passion is skiing the powder in Japan. Some of her recent travel adventures include climbing to the Tigers Nest in Bhutan and taking her children to see the monks in Luang Prabang.

Written by: Aneesha Daswani

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Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, arigato to our wonderful volunteers!

Sunday is always a busy day for Aidha volunteers (and of course, our students!) as they make their way in and out of the Campus Office, collect their teaching materials, and rush for their classes. But they always seem to leave their classes with a satisfied smile….

In the past month, a few of our wonderful volunteers left their classes with mixed emotions of pride, and satisfaction  mixed with a tinge of melancholy as they completed their last classes at Aidha. These are volunteers who are or will be leaving Singapore in the near future and will no longer be able to continue teaching and mentoring our students.

We dedicate this article to them to thank them for their endless commitment and enthusiasm as mentors, teachers and guides to our students. Here are some words of wisdom that they would like to share with the Aidha community.

Written by: Aneesha Daswani

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Selina McCole is all set to conquer the Saharan sands for Aidha!

Early next month, Selina McCole will set out on the journey of a lifetime, running what has been described by the National Geographic Channel as “the toughest footrace on earth”. The race, covering around 257 km across the Sahara Desert, is the equivalent of six marathons, run or walked over six days. Aside from water, runners must carry with them all that they need to survive. We caught up with Selina to find out how her final preparations are going.

Written by: Kate Shepherd

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From employer-employee to co-volunteers


by Ting Claravall

Aidha is fortunate to enjoy strong support in the expat community for our work with low-income women. Many in this community are happy to send their foreign domestic helpers on their Sunday day off to benefit from Aidha’s programmes. .. . Or even to become volunteers themselves.

But there are some who believe so deeply in the Aidha mission that they end up doing both.

Such is the case with Australian employer Sarah Druce and Norma Casinova, her domestic helper of five years. We sat down with this employer-employee team to learn more about what powers their commitment to Aidha – and to each other.

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