May Student of the Month: Tri Utami – She doesn’t just want a business. She wants to build another Aidha.

Tri has been with Aidha since 2009 when she first joined as a student. She has been a trainee since 2011.

Tri has been with Aidha since 2009 when she first joined as a student

Many regular visitors to the Aidha campus will have seen the petite lady in a hijab shyly greeting and helping students and volunteers on Sundays.

But not so long ago, Tri Utami could barely look anyone in the eye when they spoke to her. She was that shy.

“Last time, I couldn’t even talk like this, person to person, looking straight at the eyes. I would look down. When I had to talk in front of people, I had no confidence at all, because I would feel that (since) I only graduated from high school, my English was just simple English.”

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May Volunteer of the Month: Maria Tato Garcia – A migrant woman for other migrant women

Maria helping out in one of Aidha's events

Maria (right most) helping out with packing goodie bags for this year’s Tour de Singapore

That’s how Maria Tato Garcia, or simply Maria, sees herself when asked about her volunteer work with Aidha.

“I’m also a migrant woman in Singapore. The only difference is that I was lucky to have had a good education which gives me a wider choice of opportunities in life.”

This is why she’s very passionate about Aidha and its mission of providing education to migrant domestic workers to help them create financially sustainable futures.

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